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"Our $470 million investment in the redevelopment of Charlestown Square demonstrates our confidence in this vibrant and growing community." Martin Howes - The GPT Group

About Lake Macquarie City


Lake Macquarie Business

Lake Macquarie City has a strong economy, a diverse industry mix of over 12,000 businesses, and a projected population increase of 60,000 over the next 25 years. As the fourth largest city in NSW, the population of nearly 200,000 provides a pool of highly skilled labour, supporting innovative industry.

Lake Business


Lake Macquarie Attractions

Relax beside the city’s centrepiece, Lake Macquarie, a vast blue-water expanse twice the size of Sydney Harbour. Sandy inlets, secluded bays, and protected foreshores are perfect for water activities, or enjoy the city’s beaches, mountains, shopping precincts, art galleries, and unique town centres.

Lake Attractions


Lake Macquarie Lifestyle

Lake Macquarie City offers a unique lifestyle enabling residents to balance recreation and family with business success. A cosmopolitan and progressive city, Lake Macquarie retains a sense of community, courtesy of nine thriving town centres, each with an individual character and focus.

Lake Lifestyle


Lake Macquarie Opportunities

Lake Macquarie is one of the fastest growing cities in NSW. It is located in a strategic position with access to an extensive range of products, services, and transport networks. Lake Macquarie’s natural attractions provide opportunity for a quality lifestyle in an economic climate conducive to business.

Lake Opportunities